Dear Masters,

The CFCP is honored to host the 2022 World Masters Amateur Championships, which will run from Saturday, May 14th through Sunday May 29th of 2022.

On this site, you can view the Schedule Diagram, all details on tournament dates, information about hosting clubs (Bordeaux, Fontainebleau and Paris) and you can fill out the entry forms. There will be a Black Tie Awards Dinner for all teams and players on Sunday, May 29th in Paris.

The Awards Dinner will include presentation of all team awards, and also individual awards for all competitions.

The first in history 80s individual championships will conclude the 2022 World Masters schedule, and will be held May 25-29 in Paris.

Please contact Tournament Organizer, Ivan Semenoff, with any questions, suggestions, or concerns at . All tournament dates are extrapolated from draw sizes, team entries, and the very successful approaches used in Australia in 2017 and in the USA in 2019.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in France in May !

Pour que vive la paume !

Tim Batten

Captain of the French team

Chairman of the French Real Tennis Committee

Black Tie Awards Dinner

A cruise on the Seine river in the heart of the City of Lights will host the Black Tie Awards Dinner on Sunday, May, 29. The boarding will take place in front of the Eiffel Tower at walking distance from the Club.