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Dear Masters,

This most extraordinary place, located at 74ter rue Lauriston, is certainly one of the most sparkling jewels of the capital's sporting heritage. The resilience of our beloved Club, demonstrated time and time again throughout its history, is a testament to the dynamism and passion of its members.

It all started when the members of the real tennis court in Passage Sandrié, which had been destroyed in 1861, convinced Napoleon III to authorize the construction of a new court in the Tuileries Gardens with the decisive support of their illustrious member the Duc de Morny, half-brother of the Emperor.

In 1906, upon learning they would be expelled from the Tuileries courts, a handful of enthusiasts took the initiative to buy land at 74ter rue Lauriston on which they built a magnificent edifice that would accommodate two real tennis courts.

Subsequently, the new Club survived the two terrible world conflicts that France experienced.

Since its move to rue Lauriston, our Club has become a ‘home away from home’ for thousands of tennis and squash players from France, the UK, the USA and other countries around the world, living or vacationing in Paris.

In 1927, the Club expanded its activities by creating the first squash courts in the capital.

In 1980, it was on our premises that the French Squash Federation was created.

Club members enjoy a sports facility of exceptionally high quality that is unique in Paris: a real tennis court, 4 squash courts, a reception and club area, a fitness room and men’s and women’s changing rooms, each equipped with saunas.

Although the Club does not receive any public funding, it has nevertheless invested significantly over the years to renovate its equipment and infrastructure to bring its facilities up to safety standards. Since its creation, the Paris Tennis and Racquet Club has organized and hosted numerous national and international tournaments where the best tennis and squash players on the planet have distinguished themselves.

The Club has always aimed to secure the services of quality professionals.

One of the oldest sports clubs in the capital, the Société Sportive du Jeu de Paume et de Racquets has always relied on the goodwill, skills, energy and passion of volunteers from all walks of life for its administration and management.

Since 1908, the Club has endeavoured to preserve the timeless style of this Parisian ‘Mecca’, retaining most of the period furniture carefully chosen by its founders, lending it a uniquely French character and identity with a light - and delightful - English accent.

We wish all Masters good luck and we are looking forward to watching great tennis!

Ivan Semenoff, Président de la Société Sportive du Jeu de Paume et de Racquets

Manager : Lilian Vimal de Murs

Pro : Rod McNaughtan

Société Sportive du Jeu de Paume et de Racquets
74 Ter Rue Lauriston
75116 Paris

01 47 27 46 86


The Bordeaux Real Tennis Club is now some 100 years old. It made history in 1978 with the construction of its modern court, one of the very few to be erected in France in the 20th century.

In 2013 the Association’s executive committee took the decision to move the Club for strategic and economic reasons. The aim was to reach a broader pool of players in the greater Bordeaux area. This was achieved in 2018 when an alliance was struck with another celebrated 100 year old sports club, the Girondins de Bordeaux. The Bordeaux Real Tennis Club is now established on the grounds of our strategic partner.

After an interval of 7 years without a real tennis court in Bordeaux, it was with great pleasure and pride that the Association’s president, Paul Van Der Linden, announced the re-opening of the new facility in 2020.

In March 2021, Thierry Lièvre-Cormier was elected Paul’s successor.


Our values are those of sports as well as those we have shared with the history of Real Tennis for centuries. We are also inspired by our warm ties with our members, a small but very international community.

The stated ambition of the Club is to rebuild its membership with its loyal members and grow further with newcomers. We anticipate a membership of 70 players in 2023.

In 2022 the Bordeaux Real Tennis Club will host the World Masters and the World Doubles Championship.

Président du club : Thierry Lièvre-Cormier

Pro : Nick Howell

Jeu de Paume de Bordeaux
Domaine de Rocquevielle

107 Avenue Marcel Dassault
33700 Mérignac

09 73 17 74 41


Built within the walls of the castle by Henry IV, the real tennis court at Fontainebleau has been graced by some of the greatest players of their times. Antoine-Henri Masson in the 18th century and Jacques-Edmond Barre in the 19th, played memorable matches in front of members of the court. More recently, in 2008, Robert Fahey won his ninth World Championship title on the Fontainebleau court, breaking Pierre Etchebaster’s record.

During the Great War, the real tennis court became a physiotherapy facility for the wounded. In 1921 the American Conservatory and School of Fine Arts was granted permission to open in the real tennis court. Some of the world’s greatest performing artists, including Ravel, Widor, Menuhin, Bernstein, Casadesus, delivered Master Classes and concerts there over the decades.

In 1989, thanks to the efforts of the Fontainebleau Real Tennis Circle, the court reverted to its original purpose. The following year the restored court was inaugurated by Prince Edward of England. Since then it has remained a busy venue, welcoming visiting clubs from abroad and hosting numerous national and international tournaments. After several French Opens and the World Championship, now the World Masters can be added to its legacy of major events.

Président : Thierry Bernard-Tambour

Pro : Guillaume Dortu

Cercle du Jeu de Paume de Fontainebleau
Chateau de Fontainebleau

Palais national
77300 Fontainebleau

01 64 22 47 67 / 06 71 33 52 26